Bhira Pants - Black
Bhira Pants - Black
Bhira Pants - Black
Bhira Pants - Black
Bhira Pants - Black

Bhira Pants - Black

890.00 NIS
מס כלול.

100% Makò Cotton 

With their wide leg, deep front pleat and wide waist band, the Bhira Pants are the ultimate statement piece - that happen to be crazy comfortable too. 

Pair them with a fitted top or sweater for an elegant silhouette, such as the Asymmetric Rib T or Jordaan Merino Crewneck in Winter, or the Kaba Shell during warmer months. 


Makò Cotton: the finest, smoothest and strongest cotton in the world. Produced in upper Egypt, Makò cotton is spun from long staple fibres to develop a very fine, premium-quality cotton. Naturally non-allergenic, the fibre’s unique structure creates a soft, absorbent and breathable fabric, making it the perfect choice for clothing worn close to the skin. 

Sivan's height is 178cm/5'84" and wears size Small. Dry cleaning is recommended for this item. 
Size: S
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